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Brilliant Colors and Effects with Light Sky’s LED Moving Head Light

Light Sky introduces the Super Scope Pro, a cutting-edge LED moving head light that brings your stage to life with its exceptional features and stunning performance. With its powerful 450W white LED module and a lifespan of over 20,000 hours, the Super Scope Pro ensures long-lasting and reliable illumination. The color mixing system, gobo options, and framing system offer endless creative possibilities. Light Sky’s Super Scope Pro is the perfect choice for theaters, concerts, and any event that demands top-notch lighting. Experience the brilliance of LED technology and elevate your stage productions with Light Sky.

Exceptional Optical Performance

The Super Scope Pro is equipped with a 450W white LED module that delivers outstanding optical performance. With an output color temperature of 6500K, the light produces a clear and bright illumination that enhances the visual impact of your stage. The front lens diameter of 133mm ensures precise spot and beam control, allowing you to create captivating lighting effects. With a total lumen output of 21000Lm and a luminance of 26000 Lux at 10 meters, the Super Scope Pro guarantees a powerful and impactful lighting experience. The high CRI value of 70+ (with a CRI filter value up to 90) ensures accurate color representation, making your stage come to life with vibrant hues.

Versatile Color and Gobo Options

Light Sky’s Super Scope Pro offers a wide range of color options to enhance your lighting design. The color wheel features 5 basic color filters, along with the CMY color mixing system, CTO filter, and CRI filter. This allows you to create a vast spectrum of colors and seamless color transitions, adding depth and dimension to your stage productions. Additionally, the Super Scope Pro boasts a rotation gobo wheel with 7 interchangeable gobos, providing dynamic patterns and textures to elevate your visual effects. The framing system, with its 4 blades that can rotate in eight directions and +/- 45° degrees, allows for precise beam shaping and framing.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Pro LED Moving Head Light is the ultimate lighting solution for stage professionals and enthusiasts. With its exceptional optical performance, versatile color options, and dynamic gobo capabilities, the Super Scope Pro unleashes your creativity and transforms your stage productions. From theaters to concerts, this cutting-edge lighting fixture delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. Illuminate your stage with the brilliance of LED technology and captivate your audience with stunning visual displays.


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